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Gates 2/5M775JB Polyflex JB Light Duty v-belt 8912-2775 new 1pc

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5M850 Gates Polyflex Metric V-Belt 5mm Top Width 850mm Outside Length USAJ min.:336.55 mm; Cap bolt:2 x 1-8 UNC; J1:69.85 mm; Max. speed for PosiTrac Plus seal:1075 r/min; db:134.938 mm; ba:53.181 mm; PosiTrac Plus contact element (db shaft position):B10724-125; Cap bolt, SAE grade:5; L:419.1 mm; P150°:66.7 kN; End plug (suffix Y):EPR 15; PG:1/4 NPT; Mass pillow block:45.8 kg; H2:53.975 mm; RG:1/2 NPT; P60°:185 kN; Stabilizing ring:SR-24-20; Labyrinth ring (dc shaft position):LOR 119;
Gates 2/7M1090JB Polyflex Jb 2 Band V-belt 42.7 inch 8913 2109 7m1090B:15 mm; D:68 mm; d1:49.7 mm; Basic static load rating C0:7.65 kN; da min.:44.6 mm; D1:58.25 mm; Number of balls z:19; Preload class A GA:65 N; Calculation factor f2A:1; Preload class C GC:390 N; Preload class B GB:200 N; Calculation factor fHC:1.01; Reference grease quantity Gref:2.8 cm³; Da max.:63.4 mm; Basic dynamic load rating C:12.4 kN; a:14.8 mm; Mass bearing:0.17 kg; d:40 mm; Static axial stiffness, preload class B:60 N/µm;
Gates 3/5M1030JB Polyflex Jb 3 Band V-belt 40.55 inch 8913 3103 5m1060L:770 mm; P180°:1900 kN; Pa:1200 kN; Bearing (basic designation):23056 K; N1:42 mm; P120°:1700 kN; da:260 mm; Eye bolt, size:2 x M 24; Appropriate attachment bolt, rec. tightening torque:2280 N·m; Appropriate attachment bolt, size G:36 mm; A:315 mm; J6:720 mm; Q120°:2860 kN; J:650 mm; A1:280 mm; Q180°:1430 kN; Cap bolt, rec. tightening torque:400 N·m; Locating ring:6 x FRB 10/420;
3M580 Gates Polyflex Metric V-Belt 3mm Top Width 850mm Outside Length USAJ1:160 mm; Pa:670 kN; Eye bolt, size:2 x M 24; s:13 mm; H2:100 mm; H:516 mm; Ca:180 mm; ATS:330 mm; Bearing (basic designation):23248 K; Q120°:2860 kN; J:650 mm; bb:117 mm; Appropriate attachment bolt, rec. tightening torque:2280 N·m; Labyrinth seal:2 x TS 52/220; A1:280 mm; P120°:1700 kN; P150°:1500 kN; ba min.:122 mm; P90°:2300 kN; Da:440 mm;
*New BELT* Gates 3M500 Polyflex Top Width 3mm, Length 500mmLabyrinth ring:2 x LOR 187; L:393.7 mm; Housing:SAF 618; R2:28.575 mm; Bearing limiting speed:4500 r/min; J1:57.15 mm; H:230.981 mm; Mass pillow block:41.1 kg; N1:22.225 mm; P180°:54.3 kN; J min.:304.8 mm; Initial grease fill:481.95 g; Cap bolt:2 x 3/4-10 UNC; End plug (suffix Y):EPR 11; Cap bolt recommended tightening torque:515.2 N·m; J max.:342.9 mm; Da:190 mm; RG:3/8 NPT; P90°:77 kN;
Gates 6/11M1280JB Polyflex JB Light Duty v-belt New 1 pcWeight:150  ; Bearing designation:PLC 512-41  ; D:500 mm; Pu:410.010 kg; B1:160 mm; d:300 mm; B:240 mm; Dynamic (Cr):2791.3 kN; Static (Cor):5096  ;
Gates 11M1280 Polyflex Light Duty v-belt slightly used 1 pcFactor fo:13.6; Configuration:Single Row; Radial Clearance:0.053 to 0.102 mm; ra (max):3 mm; Enclosure:Open; Limiting Speed - Oil:2,100 rpm; Fillet Radius/Chamfer:4 mm; D:360 mm; Dynamic Load Rating:325,000 N; B:72 mm; Limiting Speed - Grease:1,800 rpm; Da (max):342 mm; Bore Type:Cylindrical Bore; d:170 mm; Static Load Rating:355,000 N; Weight:34.000 kg; da (min):188 mm;
GATES 7M2120 POLYFLEX TRIANGLE BELT BEL-80Cap bolt:2 x 1/2-13 UNC; Housing:SAF 511; R2:15.875 mm; H1:69.85 mm; R1:34.131 mm; A1:69.85 mm; N1:19.05 mm; A2:171.45 mm; L:244.475 mm; Pa:4.14 kN; J max.:209.55 mm; RG:1/8 NPT; Ca:30.785 mm; Stabilizing ring:SR-11-0; H:133.35 mm; da:49.212 mm; Cap bolt recommended tightening torque:81.3 N·m; Cap bolt, SAE grade:5; Da:100 mm; S:3.175 mm;
5M335 drive belts Gates Polyflex Belt for Optimum D 180 machineEb:135 mm; Limiting speed:2200 r/min; Basic static load rating C0:1370 kN; d:65 mm; Mass roller and cage thrust assembly:0.72 kg; Fatigue load limit Pu:143 kN; Roller and cage thrust assembly:K 89413 TN; Basic dynamic load rating C:355 kN; Reference speed:1100 r/min; D:140 mm; Ea:70 mm; Dw:15 mm;
Gates Polyflex JB BELT 5/7M1060JBrc max.:0.6 mm; D:125 mm; K:7 mm; Da min.:109 mm; Calculation factor Y1:1.7; Basic dynamic load rating C:370 kN; da max.:84 mm; Reference speed:3400 r/min; Calculation factor e:0.4; ra max.:1.5 mm; Mass bearing pair:3.64 kg; T:74 mm; r5 min.:0.6 mm; r3,4 min.:1.5 mm; d:75 mm; Fatigue load limit Pu:60 kN; Ca min.:6 mm; Da max.:116.5 mm; 2B:74 mm; Basic static load rating C0:530 kN;
3M315 GATES Polyflex V-Beltda (min):148.5 mm; Limiting Speed - Oil:3,300 rpm; Limiting Speed - Grease:2,550 rpm; Groove Width A:7 mm; Nr. of Holes:6; d:140 mm; Configuration:Double Row; Constant e:0.18; Axial Load Factor Y2:5.65; Dynamic Load Rating:345,000 N; Static Load Rating:466,000 N; Axial Load Factor Y0:3.71; Fillet Radius/Chamfer:1.5 mm; B:37 mm; Retainer Material:Machined Brass; ra (max):1.5 mm; Center Guidance:Fixed Inner Ring Rib;
GATES 7M875 POLYFLEX BELT 8903-0875 new 1pcAxial Load Factor Y0:2.26; d:110 mm; Bore Type:Cylindrical Bore; D:200 mm; Axial Load Factor Y2:3.44; Weight:7.530 kg; Constant e:0.29; Axial Load Factor Y1:2.31; Limiting Speed - Grease:3,300 rpm; Enclosure:Open; Da (max):188 mm; Fillet Radius/Chamfer:2.1 mm; Radial Clearance:0.075 to 0.120 mm; Retainer Material:Machined Brass; Dynamic Load Rating:605,000 N; Hole Diameter (do):6 mm; B:53 mm; da (min):122 mm;
Gates 2/5M750JB Polyflex JB Light Duty v-belt 8912-2750 New 1pc 89122750S:4.763 mm; J max.:600.075 mm; P150°:75.6 kN; Da:319.999 mm; R2:41.275 mm; H1:190.5 mm; PG:1/4 NPT; Housing:SAF 630; Max. speed for PosiTrac Plus seal:1075 r/min; H2:76.2 mm; P90°:140 kN; End plug (suffix Y):EPR 17; J1:117.475 mm; PosiTrac Plus contact element:2 x B10724-125; da:131.762 mm; P180°:89 kN; ba:83.344 mm; N1:28.575 mm; Ca:117.805 mm; Cap bolt recommended tightening torque:203.4 N·m;
Gates 2/3M345JB Polyflex JB Belt, 3M Section, 1/4" Top Width, 13.43" LengthCap bolt recommended tightening torque:298.3 N·m; Initial grease fill:175.77 g; Housing:SAF 613; Appropriate attachment bolt size G:0.75 in; Bearing limiting speed:6000 r/min; R1:53.181 mm; PG:1/8 NPT; A2:134.938 mm; P90°:49.8 kN; L:330.2 mm; Pa:6.49 kN; h:36.513 mm; H1:88.9 mm; Labyrinth ring:2 x LOR 31; ba:32.544 mm; P180°:31.6 kN; P120°:30.2 kN; P60°:83.2 kN; RG:3/8 NPT; Cap bolt, SAE grade:8;



5M335-140 mm - - - - - - -
8902-0630-360 mm - - - - - - -
5M365- - - - - - - - -
5M710-130 mm - - - - - - -
3/5M1030JB- - - 650 mm - - - 315 mm -
11M2240JB- - - - - - - - -
2/11M2240JB-1220 mm - - - - - - 1053 mm
3/11M1280JB-540 mm - - - - - - -
5M375-310 mm - - - - - - -
3M500- - - - - - - - -
2/5M775JB-120 mm - - - - - - -
7M2120- - - - - - - - -
6/11M1400JB- - - - - - - - -
11M775-480 mm - - - - - - -
5/7M1060JB-125 mm - - - - 74 mm - -
7M875-200 mm - - - - - - -
3M580- - - 650 mm - 13 mm - - -
3/5M1220JB- - - - - - - - -
2/3M345JB- - - - 36.513 mm - - - -
6/11M1280JB-500 mm - - - - - - -
8902-0412-80 mm - - - - - - -
3/5M487JB-72 mm - - - - - - -
7M1280-40 mm - - - - - - -
3/5M1060JB-90 mm - - - - - - -


Gates 2/5M775JB Polyflex JB Light Duty v-belt 8912-2775 new 1pc Video


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